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G'Lamour Gayrimenkul – Broker Owner

(11.2020, Current)

With my growing client and owner network, I established my own company to give a boutique service to my customers. We don't see ourselves as only real estate agents, but also life changers, dream makers. We are happy to open the doors into your dreams together.

Our services are as below:

Buying, selling, renting, renovating and relocation works, etc.

COLDWELL BANKER – Real Estate Consultant

(11.2019, 11.2020)

I gave a break to my career life for my passion to fix & sell real estates. I started working at a real estate agency to learn about the real-estate sector, to have a network, to have a better chance of finding good buy estates. So I got lots of trainings, I joined exams and got the necessary certificates to be able to establish an office as a broker and a consultant. 

LAMOR –Office Manager

(01.2016, 01.2020)

Turkey office of an environmental company based in Finland, operating in 94 Countries

  • Restructure the admin affairs of the Turkish office of Lamor, a startup company
  • Reduce the costs by 30-40%
  • Follow up the work planning and assignments by way of following all business processes of the company
  • Conduct communications with the head office and the customers
  • Perform annual budget work and submit it to the management for approval; follow up the company's budget to necessary actions and prepare reports
  • Manage the Finance – Accounting processes to ensure coordination and audit
  • Manage the assets of the company in a profitable way and submit reports to the senior management
  • Prepare efficient payment plans in accordance with cash flow balance,make sure that payments are made and managed
  • Create a suppliers portfolio, manage it in a cost-effective and high-performing way, draw up agreements
  • Determine the needs for office in terms of all services and consumables, and conduct purchases in line with the targets
  • Approve invoices by checkingthe expenses and have them paid and accounted
  • Plan the business calendar of the office and coordinate the consultants accordingly
  • Manage the diary of the seniormanagement and conduct briefings and receive approvals, and perform necessary follow up
  • Follow up the performance of sales targets and provide guidance forthe creation of new sales/marketing channels and provide support
  • Follow up of company’s sales and marketing activities and prepare reports
  • Perform coordination work via the contracted agencies to arrange all domestic and international trips and accommodation and do follow up work
  • Prepare reports requested by the management
  • Make sure that  documents are archived properly


DİFOLAB Fine Art Printing and Visual Solutions –General Coordinator


Artwork print center with three branches

  • Determine the suppliers
  • Conduct sales and marketing work and make sure that turnover of the company is above the targets
  • Restructure the admin affairs and purchase processes of the company
  • Manage the budget in line with the guidelines from the management, prepare reports
  • Meet the targets set by the management in terms of decrease of costs, increase in profits, and asset management, and prepare relevant reports
  • Follow up of sales targets and make sure that sales are increased  and follow up of sales at the stores
  • Conduct marketing work and perform advertisement and social media work in line with the set targets
  • Conduct customer relations, perform marketing activities in order to expand the customer portfolio
  • Draw up agreements to be signed with photo artists and make sure that cooperation is established in line with the agreements
  • Make sure that orders are printed with high quality and conduct the quality control process to ensure that the products are suitable for turnkey delivery
  • Support the implementation of pricing efforts and ensure their implementation
  • Provide and follow up the proposals in line with customer demands and expectations
  • Follow up the HR processes, form teams and ensure their management
  • Manage the accounting and finance processes in line with company targets, and conduct inspections
  • Manage the admin, finance and informatics processes of all three branches, plan andimplement improvement/development works
  • Establish, manage and promote company’s social media accounts, conduct work to increase the number of organic followers
  • Provide guidance for the technical team in terms of graphics and image design, and if necessary,provide support via the graphic design programs
  • Edit and manage three separate web pages and perform work for their publicity
  • Manage distant sales via the company's online sales sites


COCOBONBON –Company Owner


Founder of www.cocobonbon.com, a company operating in the field ofwedding andbaby candies and organization

  • Create a portfolio of products, conduct pricing works and manage the sales processes
  • Plan and perform digital marketing activities and transform them into real sales assets
  • Design up to 10,000 products and upload them to the web site
  • Conduct sales enhancing works as part of marketing activities
  • Give proposals for product and services in line with the demands and expectations of the customers, and perform follow up work
  • Inclusion of new products and services into the portfolio by following the latest trends, and develop products
  • Establish a workshop at the head office of the partnering company (DİFOLAB),and ensure that the team at the workshop responds to the orders effectively, and conduct follow up work
  • Conduct analytics for the market and the field in relation to all purchase and pricing works
  • Manage accounting and finance processes, make sure that payment and collections are made, and conduct follow up work
  • Elevate the daily numbers of followers to 900-1000 band for the web site via Google optimization work and support of social media
  • Increase the organic followers to 10k by creating a social media account




Completed my after-school training at Deniz Bank Foreign Trade Department Central Operations- Invisible Items Department and Retail Marketing and Sales Department



  • Assigned as a sworn translator by 1st Notary Public of Beşiktaş.
  • Translated private and corporate texts using Trados translation memory program
  • Worked as a part-time translator at AvrasyaLanguage Services and translated corporate texts for many companies (user manuals for Mercedes, Ford, Toyota, Audi, Citroen, Kawasaki, Volkswagen, Arçelik, Xerox, Komori, and terms of conditions of Kempinski EsentepeHotel etc.)
  • Taught English to senior managers of companies (Gold Bilgisayar, Fenerbahçe SK etc.), privately or in groups
  • Worked part-time as marketing assistant-consultant at Focus Magazine (DOĞAN GROUP), ascientific and technical journal, and had articles published.
  • Worked part-time as a translator and editor for the translation and edit services for an online magazine, Simgolo (DOĞAN GRUBU) during its creation.
  • Provided freelance consultancy service on social media. Conducted Works for preparing and managing the pages, and increasing the number of followers.



2003-2007 University of Istanbul / Department of Translation and Interpreting - English (Ranked 413th in the Turkey-wide University entrance exam)

2002-2003 BilimKoleji(Top scoring student)

1996-2002 University of Ankara Development Foundation Private College (Top scoring student)


English (Proficiency/ Reading-Writing), German (Intermediate), Spanish (Intermediate)


MS Office Programs, Macromedia Freehand, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, Adobe InDesign


1999 E-Zine Certificate - British Council

2003 Spanish Course - Instituto Cervantes

2005 Interpreter in Aid at Disaster Certificate Program - Translation & Interpreting Association Turkey

2008 Graphic Design - Brain Bilişim

2016 Finance Training for Managers - Lamor Corporation (Finland)

TOEFL Foreign Language - English (233, Essay 5,5/6)

2020 Supervisor Real Estate Consultant

(National Qualification Level 5-Certificate No:YB0044/17UY0333-5/00/758)

Kurucumuz | Establisher

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